Connecting with Community

Monday, April 30, 2012

The Dime

Friday morning and I have but a few hours left before our big event.
 It has been 26 days with out a day of rest.  My list is made and we will work until its all done.

I get in the shower, only to discover the mess my daughter has left.
Apparently she took a bath last night and she didn't bother to drain her water.
Not, how I wanted to start my morning. I grab my tub cleaner and begin scrubbing.
I've lost precious time and now I won't have time to fix my hair.
I decide that will not be a problem, I will put it up in a pony tail.
I reach for my hair spray, in hopes that it will keep my hair in place.
I spray it on thicker than usual. I notice a thick white foam sitting on my head.
That is when I realize that I am spraying tub cleaner on my hair.
No time to rewash my hair. I grab the bottle of hairspray and spray it over the tube cleaner.

All day I battle with getting my list complete. I hustle and bustle,  finally 8:30 rolls around.
My husband calls and asks, if I've eaten dinner. I tell him, "I'm starved".
We decide to meet at an eatery on Soncy.

I run to the bathroom to freshen up. I take my hair down and I am shocked at what I see.
My hair has an undesirable crispiness to it. I'm thinking I should of taken the time to rewash my hair.
It is 8:30 pm and no beauty salon is open. It hits me,  my husband is about to go to a barbershop.
I know what your thinking but at this point this is my only shot.
I call and ask if they will cut my hair. They agree and I am relieved.
I print a picture of a short haircut, off the Internet.

When my husband walks in I am already in line for my hair cut. He knows me o so well.
He is horrified and asks what I'm doing. I tell him I am in line for a haircut and the two men behind
him stare in bewilderment.
In a hushed voice through clinched teeth, my husband responds. "They don't cut girls hair here!"
I reply with a gentle, "Oh yes they do, I called and asked."
My husband turns around and takes his seat as I head to my "barbers chair".

I hand my short hair cut picture over. I sit for a very short time and as I am handed the mirror.
I notice I have just received a bowl cut slash skater boy hair cut. I am beside myself.
I am disgusted with my bowl cut, I guess the bowl on the counter should of given me a hint.
I just thought it was a candy bowl.

I arrive at home and my 9 year old runs out to greet me. He begins to tell me of his day.
I am not paying attention my focus is still on my hair. Who invented the bowl cut anyway?
He is waving papers in front of me and all I hear is "I'm selling them for a dime",
that catches my attention. I ask "why are you selling bookmarks for a dime?"

He begins to explain how he made them and took them to school to sell. I immediately
begin to think of how I will explain this to his teacher. I hear, "Mom do you know what I'm selling them for?"
I start to explain that he can't sell things in school. My baby boy responds,
"Mom I am going to take the dimes and buy food to help the poor people"
"Just like you mom." All of the sudden my bowl cut doesn't matter.

Anybody want to buy a handmade paper bookmark?

Monday, April 2, 2012


Hello Lifechangers,

I am busy getting ready for my trip to North Carolina. I notice my two eyebrows
are quickly connecting and forming one. I decide that is my queue to visit a beauty technician.
I arrive and I am approached and asked about my needs. I point to my eyebrows and the kind
technician quickly grabs my hand and leads me to a chair.

We begin to make small talk. She starts by asking if I am from Thailand. I assure her that I am not.
I explain that I am Mexican. She smiles and begins to try and convince me                                                           
that I may be from Thailand. I can not seem to convince her, so I try and change the subject.
I ask her where she is from and she begins to talk of her beloved China.

What vanity would have us do. She works on me what seems for hours. The
moment of truth, she hands me the mirror. I look into the mirror and see a few scraggly strands of hair,
where my eyebrows use to be. I politely say thank you and run towards the door.  
I am convinced that this technician was desperately trying to make me look a little more asian.

I am horrified that I will have to travel with a team of leaders and I have no eyebrow's!   
I call my daughter and ask for help learning to draw eyebrows on my face.
I explain how I was invited to speak at a large church in Amarillo and after that I will travel out of state.
She comes to my rescue and begins my eyebrow drawing lesson. She also makes me promise that
I will no longer visit this technician.

So it is Sunday morning and I have to present at Paramount Baptist. 
I begin to worry that someone will notice my eyebrow less face.
I enter the church and I am greeted with undeserved love and kindness.
I am escorted through the front of the stage and seated on the front row.
My face is covered in a light shade of red. I feel like all eyes are on my eyebrows or lack there of.

At the end of service I am introduced and I stand and share my heart.
I still can't shake the thought of the focus being on my eyebrows.
I am greeted and hugged by several people. I think I notice a young woman
tilting her head at my eyebrows.
I try and shake the thought but I can't. My vanity holds on tightly.

After the first service, I am escorted down stairs to meet a class he calls Special Adults.
I walk in and I am speechless. He ushers me to the front of the class.
I stand there motionless. I can not comprehend this atmosphere.
There is joy, love and excitement all in a single breath.
I am ready to sit on the floor and sob.
I tell myself I must refrain.

My escort begins to speak and everyone faces the front.
He tells these beautiful special needs adults of what we do for people in need.
They begin to clap and some begin to stand.
He begins to ask if they would please pray for this effort.
They begin to cheer and clap with such excitement.
I am touched beyond comprehension.

I want to exit because I can no longer hold back my tears. As I am leaving a woman calls
me over and I walk in her direction. She stands and reaches for me with such love such
innocent incomparable love. I hug her tight and she tells me I am pretty. She tells me thank you for helping
people in need. She assures me that she will pray for me.

I make it out to the hall and my escort begins to speak off how this class was started. I tell him
to please excuse me as I begin to sob. I am overwhelmed by such unconditional love.
My vanity is gone and I care of nothing more than coming through for my new friends.
They are helping us with prayer and together we will do away with poverty.

Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful." 
 -- Annette Funicello