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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My First Post

I was urged to start a blog on how to shop. So here we go. My hope is to help you navigate through this wonderful retail world of ours. I shop locally and try never to spend more than $5.00 for any article of clothing. I never shop online and seldom shop at thrift stores. I do however love Children's Exchange on Georgia. I take my clothes and do a little consignment there. I make enough money there to buy a few outfits at my favorite stores.
Years ago as a young mother I learned to shop on a tight budget. There was barely enough money to shop for clothes let alone to buy the jewelry to go with my clothes. I knew then that I had to navigate a way to shop, for beautiful clothes and accessories, on a budget.
I started to visit local retail shops a couple of times a week. At that time I was merely window shopping.  After a few weeks of doing this, I noticed when delivery trucks would come. Each store had a day when their trucks would arrive. Exciting because it meant a different aray of clothes in the stores. As the clothes was brought in on racks by one attendant. I noticed the other attendant would be marking down the clothes already in the store. Every week the same thing.
Let me give you an example. I saw a sweater a lovely sweater a sweater that would be mine. I was not willing to pay $50 for it. I returned weekly. Every week as new clothes was brought in my sweater was marked down.  Finally my sweater was marked down enough to fit my budget $2.00.
Jewelry is like the icing on the cake. It is necessary. I was in Grapevine for  a weekend getaway with
my two beautiful sisters. We shopped the markets and the mall. Had a thought while I was there. Why not buy $50 worth of  jewelry and sell it for $100. That would allow me to buy $50 worth of jewelry with out it coming out of my budget. It worked and I still do that today. I do the same thing with make up so I don't have to pay for it.
I have so many tips on shopping for someone on a budget. Amercian Eagle, Hollister, Children's Place,Victoria's Secret,Aeropostale, TJ-Max, Ross for less,Walmart, Target, United, Black Friday Shopping and much more. I shop all over town and will keep you posted on unbelieveable sales.
A few weeks back I went in to Old Navy to buy flip flops and they had a $1.97 clearance. I bought 10 pieces for about $20.

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  1. Elia, you are amazing! I told you you should do a blog! Not sure you need to limit it to shopping! Resources in general--you are great at making those connections and seeing the gaps! Great start!