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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In the Pit of Poverty

I am reading a book called "Get out of the Pit" by Beth Moore.
Beth talks about the different ways we can get into a pit, as well as, how we can get out of a pit.
She is clear on the fact that no one makes it out alone.
It made me think of poverty. There are certainly different types of poverty
generational, situational, working class, immigrant and many others. There is also only one way out(education) of poverty and be assured that no one makes it out alone.
A young mother living the American dream wakes up one morning and realizes her husband is no
longer there. No longer a man to care and support her and their two children. First to go is her
self confidence, then her home, her car,  and simply life as she knows it.
This is the pit of  Situational Poverty.  In this pit there is a villain that takes away her dignity, hope and dreams. In return he gives her shame, hopelessness, and discouragement. As she sits in this pit, her vision is no longer clear and hope seems foolish. Imagine sitting in a pit and visualize what you would see.
The only way out is for someone to give her a hand  up or for someone to throw her a rope.
She may be afraid to climb out alone. Perhaps because she has two children she is unwilling to put them down to hold on to the hand or the rope. If we are truly wanting to help her and her children. We may have to go down into the pit and get her. Some times it is not enough to throw her a rope (money). She needs a mentor to walk at her side. To tell her she can.
Are we willing to climb into a pit to help her and her children out? Are we willing to get dirty to help her? Our neighbors (people in poverty)are counting on us for a glimpse of hope, for a glimpse of a future and maybe just a glimpse of what its like outside of the pit.

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