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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


We had another successful Opportunity Conference.
I had the opportunity to witness a Neighbor win a $50 gift card and because there
was someone at her table that was in more need than she was. She gave her gift card away.
It was a wonderful day with many of the community present. It we will be my
pleasure to  help these families daily and see them succeed little by little.

By Monday I have  recovered and I am quickly making plans to leave town for the week.
I have plans to get on a plane Tuesday afternoon but not  before I
I attend my 18 year old sons funeral.
No it was Not real, it was a mock funeral created by an organization called "every 15 minutes"

Every 15 minutes we lose a loved one as a result of an alcohol related collision.
It was not an experience I care to repeat. My son wanted to take part to help save a life
and me and my husband reluctantly agreed.
My son will graduate this year and he will pursue a life in ministry.
He is a servant and wants to help all people in need.

His death was announced on that Monday. He was taken to a secluded place and we would have no contact with him for over 24 hours.
Even though we knew it wasn't real we couldn't help think what if.  A tombstone with his picture on it was placed in the school cafeteria.
Tuesday as we walk into the school for his mock funeral, they hand us his obituary. It was the worst 15 minutes of my life.
All to show those students, that every thing we do matters to someone somewhere.

I survive and  arrive in San Antonio ready for my first key note experience. I do not use note cards or power point slides.
I prefer to stand and bare my heart to anyone who will listen, but because it is my first keynote, I was uneasy.
 Tuesday at midnight because I felt so unprepared, I decide I would work on tailoring my presentation to their theme
"Planting a Seed and Reaping Success"

Wednesday morning I wake up and run down stairs to print my notes on this new power point I have developed.
All computers in the hotels business center are busy.
I go down several times that day and each time everything is occupied.
Finally it is 2:37 and I am scheduled to speak at 3:00.
Again everything is full.
I notice a young man playing on face book. I'm instantly irritated and yes I approach him.

I ask if he would allow me two minutes on his computer so I can print some notes.
He responds with a glare. I notice a guitar sitting at his side. I ask if he plays, he
picks it up and begins to play and points out that he is missing a string.

My mind is racing and I tell him I  will make him a deal. I tell him that I am about to present to a
large crowd and if he allows me the use of his computer, I will let him be my opening act.
He agrees. I print my notes and off I go up stairs and now I have an entourage.

I stand in front of the crowd before me and explain I want to welcome them , San Antonio style.
I motion for my "band" to take the stage and the crowd goes crazy. Then I explain that I just
met the young man down stairs and the room is quickly filled with laughter.
After this adventure I decided I want to give opportunities when I can to every one I can.
Everything you do matters to someone somewhere somehow

   Elia Moreno

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