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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Do something

As I prepare to travel to San Antonio, tomorrow morning.
I am rushed trying to get my day complete.
I am gathering diapers and other things that are in need.
I am working on a "to help list" for my assistant. It is currently two pages long and
growing. My thoughts are not here they are at the River Walk.

This morning a friend calls and asks me to stop by his shoe and hygiene closet.
He tells me he wants me to meet this weeks mission group.
Its amazing to me that children will give up a week of their summer to serve others. To serve
people they don't know in a town that's not home.

It is now 3:00 and I am no where near done. My phone buzz's and its the lovely lady
that manages the front.  She rings to tell me that I have someone in the lobby.
I get up bothered that my work has been interrupted.
I walk in the lobby and see a young women. I call her name and a little one comes
around the corner. I immediately crushed because I thought of ignoring my buzzard. I smile as best I can and
say "well hello." She replies with "hello", a hello that only a 3 year old can give.

We reach my office and I say to them "please excuse the mess", as I have food stacked
everywhere. I begin to speak to the young mother as we are helping her get into a home.
She has been homeless for 3 years. This baby girl that she calls her own, is not her
biological child. She took custody of this baby from her sister, the day this precious being
was born. Her mother was unable to care for her due to her drug addiction.

As I am visiting with the mother this little girl attempts to come around my desk.
This young mother tries to stop her but I tell her "its ok".
I stoop down to make eye contact with this little girl.
I immediately notice her big blue eyes. I can barely see them through
the strands of curls hanging over her face.
I ask her what she needs and she softly speaks "I'm hungry".

I feel paralyzed. I feel as if time has stopped. I feel like a ton of bricks is sitting on my heart.
I feel like I have been kicked in the stomach. I find it difficult to speak. I can not find words.
My mind finally forms words, but my mouth does not open.
The silence is deafening. I hear nothing.

The silence is broken and I ask "what do you want to eat". She speaks again "cereal".
I grab a bag of cereal and I hand it to her. I tell her I have more food and I tell her
to take what ever she wants.
I bought this food a couple of weeks ago in hopes that I could bless someone with it.
After a week of it sitting in my office I began to wonder why I had bought so much.
I guess I know why now. It was for this blue eyed, curly haired, three year old little girl.

I am so thankful I didn't ignore the buzzard. I am so thankful I decided to give those 90 seconds to
this blue eyed, curly haired, three year old little girl.

I have a friend that buys hygiene, when its on sale. She makes care packages to put in her car.
When she sees a homeless person in need of help she gives them a care package.
We can all do something or we can all do nothing. 

 Sometimes we impact others by doing something,
and sometimes we impact others more by doing nothing.

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