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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Glenda Moore's Heart

They can not see 
what they have not known
They can not speak 
what has not been shown

Their hearts are fine
But they are unprepared
To see the things that 
They are unaware

To see another
As wife or brother
Without baggage
From age old adage

To truly see 
grace with new eyes
And hear the truth 
to reclaim lives

We must not give up
Must not give in
To ignorance 
Of lies that bend

The truth of life
With humanity
We must give out new eyes
To help them see

We must give them ears 
That goes down deep
How humanity desires
To awaken from sleep

That makes us believe 
In lines that separate 
That gives out fear
And generate hate

So now let us arise
The dream awake
Declare war
And lives retake

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