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Friday, January 11, 2013

My new friend

I've always loved the color red. I even love red cars but I don't think I would ever be bold enough to drive something so flashy. I love how the red lip stick is so glamorous on Marilyn Monroe. I am not sure my lips could pull off red lipstick. I did wear a red sweater the other day but when I got home I decided that wasn't something I could pull off either, so I put it in the donation box when I got home.

Just last week, while I was shopping, I saw a pair of red boots. I thought why not, I'll just try those baby's on for size. Those red boots made me feel like a different person, they felt just dandy. Needless to say I left the store with a pair of new red boots. I wore them on Sunday to church and the whole time I felt as if people were staring.  I don't know how often I will be wearing my new red boots but I giggle for having the guts to buy them. My sister, Artie, gave me a red purse a few Christmas's ago and I just loved it but as I recall it made it into the donation box too.

Today I ran wild all over town, you could say I painted the town red. At 1:45 I went to watch my son, Josh, take part in his school spelling bee.  I beam with pride as I watch him  stand on stage, in front of the mic, ready to spell. My color again but this time it appears on his cheeks. Not quit the place, I want to see my favorite color. Oh and lets not forget my kitchen counter is red too, so are my cups and dishes. I may have a growing obsession.

Finally my day seems to be coming to and end I am at my last meeting of the day. I am anxious to head home. My daughter, Keila, is working on dinner and I can't wait to sit around the dinner table with my kids. I text my honey to let him know that I will be picking up Christian. He asks me to stop by the feed store and pick up some shavings. I agree and he replies with  "love you baby". My red heart leaps in all directions. I sit quietly anticipating my drive home and everything my evening has in store. I receive a text which reminds me that I must drop off food at a Neighbors house. I decide I will slip out a little early so I can have enough time to pick up hygiene for my new friend. I am now in rush mode again, so ready to be home.

It isn't long before I arrive at the school to pick up Chris and she informs me that it will be another hour before she is done. I leave to gather the food I need and it isn't long before I make it to the pantry. I drive up and notice something going on, in the church that houses the pantry. I decide to enter through the side door so I drive around feeling rather inconvenienced. Then I see it, something spectacular and maybe a little magical, a red door. It seems so inviting, maybe because I know what awaits behind this red door.

This building is part of the fantasy world I live in. In this place there is no judgment, everyone is worthy of help and everyone in need receives a dose of dignity. I park and walk up the sidewalk. I take in the beautiful sky and a light mist greets me with each step. It is something I imagine would only take place in a fairytale. I reach for the knob and  insert my key. Slowly I take my first step in to this place of Hope. Mmm I am immediately restored, there is no more hurriedness. I am no longer thinking of what awaits me at home. I am in the moment and my focus is on feeding a family tonight. Every room is still and motionless, you can feel peace abounding. I enjoy my walk to the pantry. My eyes rejoice at seeing well stocked rows and rows of provision. I take food without hesitation and in a little treasure box on the top shelf there is gift cards for items such as milk and eggs.

I leave with a hefty load, finally able to retrieve my baby girl. I tell her of our mission and she nods in agreement. We arrive at my new friends home and she is waiting outside. So much shame it is just unbearable. We make it inside and on the couch a precious 7 year old boy sits. He gently smiles and seems amused by my quirky little girl. He walks over to greet us and his little hand shaking mine was enough to make a grown man cry. There is need in this place but this need is silent for fear that there is not worth here. I walk back out to unload and my baby girl follows. Inside my being my red heart smiles, as I watch my little girl extend Hope to this little boy.

My new friend does not speak of her need but rather asks how she might help someone else.  She asks "is there something I could do for you?" I kindly smile and tell her we expect nothing in return. Her response is " I just don't see why someone would concern themselves with us." Before we leave she asks if we might stop by tomorrow so she can gather items to donate to our cause. She assures me she will only give of the good stuff she has. I tell her I will call tomorrow.

I sit here typing looking at 4 stacks of clothes that I need to make room for and this little boy only has one pair of pants to wear. Christian and I walk outside and we head for our car. As I am about to drive off my new friend walks back out and I lower my window wondering what I have forgotten. Tears flowing down her face she softly speaks with her hand over part of her face.  "I can't thank you enough for the dish washing soap, I am so happy that I get to do my dishes". I look over at my baby girl and her eyes glisten as she has just witnessed Hope alive and well. I bow my head and cry.

A simple bottle of dish washing liquid has brought this family Hope. Who in the world would of thought that a dollar spent buying dish washing liquid would bring such profound Hope to one family. My heart still aches at the thought of dish washing liquid bringing this family Hope. This evening as I read Mark 12 "for they all put in out of their surplus, but she,out of her poverty,". I am reminded of my new friend.

"Where hope would otherwise become hopelessness, it becomes faith." ~Robert Brault,

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