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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Givers are odd creatures.

I have been off for the past four days and let me tell you it was not easy rolling out of bed this morning. I struggle with finding enthusiasm to start my day. My 10 year old wakes me early, as he is ready for his STAR testing. I am not ready for my day nor do I want to get ready. I struggle with what to wear and I also have trouble with making my hair behave.  My outfit needs a little help and gathering my things is like a scavenger hunt.  After what seems like hours I am finally out the door. My first step out the door and the chill bites me harshly. I am obviously not dressed for the day and I can't remember where I left my car. Who said it could be 30 degrees this morning? No I am not two but I sure do want to throw a tantrum.

After finding my car, I head to my office and upon arrival I am greeted with a smile. I explain to my Pam that I don't feel like working, she smiles and we agree that we would rather be in bed with a movie or a good book. As I walk in my office I notice a bag of diapers on my chair. One of those odd creatures woke this morning thinking of someone else instead of herself, hmm what a concept.

My first meeting and I find myself seated with a group of "Givers", they chat about what they can do to help put shoes on children's feet. It sounds like a lot of work but they are dedicated to helping these children.  I sit thinking of all the good that will come out of this time given by these "Givers".  Before I leave, one of those "Givers" runs to her car to gather diapers. This "Giver" has no idea what she has done by gifting diapers to a single mother attempting  to achieve a better way of life for herself and her children.

I am out the door again heading to pick up food from yet another group of "Givers". Inside I start to fill a box with groceries. I reach for cereal and notice a small ziploc baggie on the shelf. In the baggie there are three pair of neatly folded socks. I grab them and place them on top of the food box. My heart softens as I think of this simple gift. It is time to go and meet our Neighbor in need. The cold chill continues to bite and I wish I had a pair of the ziploc socks on. Once in my car I call our Neighbor and ask her to meet me nearby. It doesn't take long before I find our meeting place, which is a parking lot.  I sit content waiting for our Neighbor. I smile as I look over at the ziploc socks and I begin thinking of this sock "Giver". This "Giver" could not possibly imagine the joy these socks are about to bring this woman. She is struggling to allow her daughter a chance at an education. I remember her words the first day we met. She said, "I can't believe you would want to help someone like me". These ziploc socks are yet another reminder of value given to someone that doesn't feel worthy. These ziploc socks will softly whisper, I care. Our Neighbor arrives and she smiles with thanksgiving, at this box full of hope and acceptance. She hugs me and thanks me for her ziploc socks and my heart jumps at the  magnitude of Hope this simple gift has given.

I leave to visit yet another "Giver". I arrive at this large building and my heart jumps as it is filled with "Givers". I greet our "Giver" and walk with her to her car. She unloads diapers and as she hands them to me, she apologizes for what she calls a small gift. I try and explain to her that there is no such thing as a small gift. A gift is an object given without the expectation of payment and that in itself is powerful. This "Lifechanger"  is giving without expecting nothing in return because she gives to people she will probably never meet.

My heart smiles as my day has been filled with "Givers" and I witnessed a rarity, Hope given in a ziploc baggie. Be odd and give what you can.

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