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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I am exhausted and just had some me time with a great book in a hot bath; it really doesn’t get better than this. I am ready to crawl into bed with a comfy blanket but then guilt sets in. I am being greedy with my day. It doesn’t take me long to decide that I want to take some time to share my day with you.

I had so many givers today and the gifts varied from plums to watermelon, to Chex Mix, to donuts, to bread and other miscellaneous goodies. I had a Lifechanger donate 34 turkeys, 34 bags of potatoes and 34 boxes of stuffing. I am truly overwhelmed by all the Lifechangers in my life. I received too many gifts to list and my cup is running over. I feel so very blessed.

After I returned from retrieving my blessings, I had the pleasure of helping a Lifechanger load some of my blessings into his car. He has plans of taking them back to share with a shelter and men in recovery. These men are anxiously awaiting his arrival. Fruit is a treat they rarely have the opportunity to consume. The day is just lovely so I am in a dress and heels. As we are loading, through the corner of my eye I notice two large strangers approaching me. As they get closer I notice a dog they hold on a leash. I can see their caution as they approach me. They are now close enough to touch and they both bow their head. I assume they think I do not see them. They are wrong for they are not invisible to me. I think they are startled by me as I see them. I call out to them “sir, sir are you hungry?” They look at each other and look around to see if maybe I’m speaking to someone else. They are not invisible to me I see them.

I assume the earth holds still if just for this moment. The sky is my shelter and the trees surround me with their strength. I glance upward with a smile on my face and I am certain that God looks down and smiles back. I look over at the two men and a slight breeze caresses my cheek. I am being kissed by my God. There is beauty here but it can only be seen by those that choose to see it. The beauty is not in their rugged clothes or their unkept hair but rather in the acceptance that is shone on their face. They smile as I reach for granola bars and other treasures I have in my car. I hand the food to them and their gratitude is tangible. I understand their hunger and that is not a memory I like to recall. I look into their eyes and they see me. They are large men and one has a black eye yet I have no fear. They remove their cap in honor of my presence and bid me a beautifully farewell.

I am blessed for this moment in time as we stand here as humans. We are not concerned with the color of our skin. We are not concerned with the faith that each of us follows. We are not concerned with deciding who is worthy and who is not. We are not concerned because we are just people.

I get into my car and sit just for a moment. Tears fill my eyes and prayer fills my space. My heart is full and my spirit content. It is 5:00pm and the delivery of turkeys begins. I feel like Santa at the mere thought of sharing. I would be here all night if I tried to share my turkey adventures so I will spare you the details. I will share that Jacob decided to join me in the sharing. We made it home by 9:00pm and I am happy to have shared my time with others. Tonight I experienced Hope and I am now convinced of this; where there is Hope darkness will always give way.

Another thought is Hebrews 13:2 Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.

What if? I giggle silently in the comfort of all this fullness I sit in.

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