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Friday, June 3, 2011


A few days ago my husband and I went to walmart to purchase juice. We were strolling through the store
and noticed a clearance table with new computers. The sign stated that the computers were 50% off.
We considered purchasing one but decided it would be best to go home and sleep on it.
Here we are the next day and we return to our local Walmart. On this day the sign states that the
computers are 75% off. We proceed to purchase the Compaq computer with a flat screen monitor
for $107.00 and this is including tax. Yeah me.
Great deals are out there you just have to know where to look.
Every store has a designated area where they have clearance items.
There is a difference between a sale item and a clearance item. A sale item is when a store sends out a circular with certain items on sale. Some of the items in the circular are what we call "loss leaders". Loss leaders are items that the store puts on sale either at cost or below cost. This is to entice the consumer to visit their store. They do this knowing that when a consumer visits their store, the customer will not only purchase  sale  items, but chances are that the consumer will  purchase other things as well.
A clearance item is an item that a store may have an excess of, seasonal items or older model items. For instance the clearance computers at Walmart were last years model. Walmart needed to make room for this years model so they had no choice but to drop the price on the older models. With the bulk of sales that Walmart has made in this one store alone, placing these computers on clearance did not damage their bottom line.  I am a happy walmart consumer proud of my clearance purchase and I will return knowing I may  encounter another great deal. I will continue to help build their bottom line.
I am shopping today .............................

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