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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Baby Shower

My eventful day begins with me picking up hygiene products, from storage.
I find myself west of town, I decide to stop and pick up another donated item
I park in the parking lot of a near by bank. I wave towards the window just in case the Lifechanger that works there can see me.
I grab my GPS and type in the address of the office I am looking for.
Instantly my GPS begins to speak, "you have arrived at your destination".
Annoyed I speak back to the GPS. Its not long before the office I am looking for suddenly
appears across the street.
A little embarrassed I get out of my car and head to retrieve my donated items. I leave there to go visit another hero, she works at a Resource Center.
It is not my favorite place to visit because it is a place that gives me great sadness. I hate to see people outside with no where to go.
I park and head towards the door, as I walk in I notice people waiting for food. It breaks my heart every time. It takes everything I have to make it up the stairs. Like the crazy person that I am I want to grab random people, hug them and tell them everything will be ok.

I am not there long when I decide to head to my office. I realize my morning has already been spent before I even make it to my office. To my surprise my office is bursting at the seams. Baby gifts cover the floor and I am filled with joy, unspeakable joy.
By lunch time I am in need of time alone. I head to Sonic, it is a place I often go to regroup.  

It was Monday when I spoke with Jessie. She is a Neighbor we have been helping for months. She is in a much better place than when we first met. Monday she spoke of never having a baby shower. This is her fourth and final
baby and call me strange but I think all mothers should experience the torture a baby shower brings.
Regardless of my reservations about this last minute baby shower, I send out a request.
Minutes later I begin to receive response. Many can not make it but they promise to
drop of gifts. My goal for this shower is to get four Lifechangers in the room.

Today is the day and it is now time to leave and head to the shower. I start to load up and make my way to RSVP, I am prepared to celebrate a new life. I arrive only to find more gifts. One by one Lifechangers begin to arrive. They all arrive with gifts. I greet each one of them with a hug and a kiss. My heart is full. 
I look around me and the room is completely full and we are struggling to find a place for all the gifts.
I attempt to speak to this room full of Lifechangers,full of Hope givers. I want to express my gratitude.
My cup is runs over and I am having trouble communicating what I feel. I am at a loss for words. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to share
this moment with so many Lifechangers. These Lifechangers got to meet, love, appreciate and hug this new mom. She was so grateful, she said she couldn't believe all this was real.
Thank you for blessing this unborn baby.
You gave so much. I am blessed because of you.

The giving of love is an education in itself.
Eleanor Roosevelt

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