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Sunday, February 5, 2012

My heart is full

Life Changers you are amazing and today my heart is full. I have had a
crazy blessed time since I spoke with you last.
of. You fill my heart.

First let me thank you for all the phone calls, emails, texts and personal visits.
Thank you for your giving hearts. Thank you for making sure our families are
always taken care

Back at the office my office gate keeper, has total control of the chaos we call Grand Central Station. Pam is careful to take great care of all that is brought in. She always manages to get all the treasures you bring, to my office. Some days I walk into my office with no where to step. She is a Life Changer. She is changing lives with out leaving the office. My heart is full.

Lets talk about my SUV, it is as full as my office. It looks like a garage sale on wheels. Some of the donated items i
n my car are; peanut butter jars, socks, feminine product, wrapped toys, breast pump, blankets, knitted caps.
I may need to start wearing jeans and a plaid shirt just to play the role.

Today while at work, I answer the phone again ready to gather our troops. This phone call is different. It is a call from a local radio station, La Mejor. The lady on the other end is wanting to help our families with gifts for Christmas. She asks me to put a list together of about 15 families. I immediatly start to work on a list of 30.
I am an optimist. I arrive at the radio sation and begin to talk about our families. As I speak the room grows silence, I talk of Jane our homeless mother of 8. The atmospher is thick with saddness penetrating every heart.
They took care of 29 of our families. My heart is full.

These Life Changers didn't just donate toys but hey also delivered the toys
. They gave us money to care for needs other than toys for Christmas. No that wasn't enough because they also loaded up with food to take our families in need.
Santa will have a hard time topping all that. My heart is full.

This same day another Life Changer comes in, wanting to help a family in need.
I begin to tell her of our current needs and she quickly decides to help the family who
just lost their home in a fire. She recruits a friend to help and they do a great job out shopping Santa. These Life Changers volunteer to go with me to deliver.
We drive up to our families new humble home. They anxiously await our arrival.
As we begin to unload the family expresses their gratefulness. Hugs all around.
As we were leaving the family assures us that someday they willpay  it forward.
Our hearts are full.

I love you and I hope your heart is full...
                                Spread love everywhere you go.
              Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.
                                          Mother Teresa

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