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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Birthday Cans

The earth covered in a beautiful white veil, what a mesmerizing scene. Although I love the beauty of snow, I only enjoy it from  indoors. As I sit inside in my nice warm house, I take this opportunity to write and ask for food, before I head to work. This month I had a birthday and my request for gifts is that of cans, cans of food that is. I will call them Birthday Cans and I will use them to fill a small food pantry.

Today I arrive at the office earlier than usual. I dig in my bag in search of my badge. I fumble my belongings  as I struggle to get out of my car. My badge is most necessary as it is my access into my building.  I begin to mumble as to why the great lengths of security in my building. I imagine it would be easier to access the Pentagon. So early in the day and I am already complaining. I have no luck locating my badge, this means I will have to walk around  to the front of my building to get in. As I begin to walk I continue to rummage through my stuff in desperate search of my badge.
Imagine a purse, a book bag, my coat half on, my scarf dragging behind me, a drink in hand and a
scowl on my face. A sight I am sure.
In the alley between my car and the dumpster, I notice a gentleman walking in my direction. We pass
each other and he comments on my appearance. I reply with a thank you, smile and keep walking.
I am quite certain, God does things like this on purpose. He is continually working on keeping my attitude in check. I make it in the building and politely ask the lovely lady up front to buzz me in. She looks at me oddly and proceeds to let me in.
Another thank you and I chaotically stumble into my office. I start to put my things down and low and behold. Yes of course, I have my badge in my hand.
A few minutes go by and my first guest arrives. It is one of those new Lifechangers.
Happy and full of  joy, just for being able to help one of our families in need. As she walks in, she hands me a couple of Birthday Cans. A look of accomplishment is painted on her face. 
I don't think she realized, she was handing me my first Birthday Cans. It took everything I had not to
wrap my arms around her and sob like a baby.
I held back. Why? Well because she is a newbe and I didn't want my oddness to be so apparent.
Not that that has stopped me before!
Now I am sorry I held back and maybe when she reads this
she will know how significant those first cans were to me.
We sit down and our scheduled meeting begins. During our meeting, I don't know that she notices
but I never put down my cans. I hold them in my lap. I catch myself day dreaming as she speaks.
Dreaming of "what if". What if everyone was as quick to act as this newbe.
What if we all had an urgency to help those in need. I imagine the relief
these cans will bring to a family.
Through out the day I receive visits, emails and phone calls from Lifechangers assuring me
they will be sending Birthday Cans. I guess I should inform "my pentagon" that I will be receiving gifts.
Not flowers, nor candy or even balloons but cans, yes cans of food. I am overjoyed with your response.
I pray you are as encouraged as I am daily. I could not do with out your
encouraging words. Thank you for changing life's .
I am a huge believer in giving back and helping out in the community and the world. Think globally, act locally I suppose. I believe that the measure of a person's life is the affect they have on others.
Steve Nash

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