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Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Cowboy

Friday and finally home. I sit in the den listening to my cowboy and my
daughter, as they chat about their day. She speaks with excitement about
her new college books.
I begin to recall her first day of school. I remember them having a similar conversation
about a new box of crayons. My heart is full and I take in the moment.

My phone rings and for a moment I consider hitting ignore.
I answer and it is Jane, a homeless  young mother of 8.
She is in need of help feeding her children.

This family is safe and warm in a hotel room, courtesy of
Life Changers. I tell her I am home, which means
I am 30 minutes away. I hesitate but I tell her, I will help.

It doesn't take long before my cowboy and I are headed to town.
Chick-fil-A agrees to feed this large family. We stop to pick up food and the young
man that is getting the food together walks over to me.
He begins to bless me and speak words of encouragement. I thank him and explain that
I am merely the servant not the person in need.

We arrive at the hotel and I call Jane to let her know that we are there. It doesn't take
long before a figure appears in the stair way. A woman with a rough exterior walks towards me.
She appears broken but hopeful. She smiles and I immediately sense her tenderness.
She wraps her arms around me and thanks me for the food.

As I get back in my vehicle, I am grateful for my cowboy. He is saddened at what he just witnessed.
As we drive off, I place my hands over my face and I begin to weep. I grieve for this woman and her children.
My heart aches that they feel alone and defeated. I desire education and success for them.
He reaches for my hand and immediately I am comforted.
I choke on my words as I try and express my gratitude for our ability to serve.

Life Changers are people with purpose. We dream of saving the world one family at a time.
“Every day you have the opportunity to learn and experience some-thing and some-one new.
Seize the opportunity.
Learn and experience everything you can, and use it to change the world.”

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