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Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Lipgloss

For over a week I have struggled with severe chapped lips.
Yes I am whining. I am pretty good at it.
I usually buy chap stick but my daughter suggested I consider color
on my lips. Since I am experiencing a touch of mid life crisis,
I take her advice. My next visit to Wally World, I purchase some lip gloss

with a tint of color.

A week goes by and I am still suffering from chapped lips. I blame it on the loading and unloading, I've done so much of it here lately. Maybe my chapped lips are due to inclement weather.
I don't know but I have been applying my new color gloss multiple times a day.
Ladies you already know where I am going with this.
Why I write about my blunders, I don't know.

Today in the midst of my vanity, I take a close look at my color gloss.
I had a couple of compliments on my colored lips, so I decided to inspect the label

on my gloss. This would allow me to know what color of gloss I am wearing.

I read carefully and to my surprise I am wearing "plumping gloss". Are you kidding me!!!
If you don't know what that is. Let me explain It is a gloss with some type of irritant,
some say snake venom. It has enough irritant to give you a fat lip.
I have been feeding my lips snake venom for over a week, no wonder
they were irritated...

The phone rings, before I answer I decide its best to put my vanity aside. 

It is Eddie, a social worker that needs help with a family in need.
I tell him I will send out a request for help. My plea goes out to our
Life Changers. I explain that a family's house has been mistaken
for a drive thru. It is cold and scheduled to snow, we are now in panic mode.
The plea is answered and a couple of Life Changers are causing chaos,
making it happen for this family.

It isn't long before Amanda calls me. She begins to tell me all that her family
has been through. Her family is homeless and they are living with her mother
until they can find a home of their own. She tells me, of how the car ended up just inches
from where her son sleeps. 

Later that night my phone rings it is Julie, Amanda's mother. She greets me
with a soft hello. She has called to let me know how much she appreciated the kindness. 
We chatted a while and as we were ending our conversation she began to cry. She is relieved that this day has ended. I couldn't help but cry with her because I too was relieved that this 5 and 4 year old have a safe place to sleep. I assure her I will check
on her tomorrow.

Back to my lap top, an email from yet another Life Changer. He is requesting help for a family in need. I am quick to responded with the certainty that our Life Changers will         respond with urgency
I dial the number that this Life Changer has given me, it is an elderly woman. Judy is her name and she begins to tell me of her daughter being homeless. She is pained by the fact that she can not house them. She is on housing assistance and is fearful of breaking the rules by helping her family. Judy is concerned that her 5 grandchildren will not receive a gift for Christmas. I tell her we will help. I ask the grandmother to give me the children's list.
Sadly these are the most desired items. They are asking for socks, underwear, bras, and feminine products. The children are 15,13,12,10 and 7. The need is great.

The degree of loving is measured by the degree of giving.
Edwin Louis Cole

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